Today’s WIP.

More honey mushrooms.

My students are constantly inspiring me to pick up old creative hobbies. I don’t have much free time, so making an effort to take better photos while on walks has been a good compromise.

Small cluster of beige colored mushrooms.

More mushrooms. Possibly some smoky polypore since this is an old stump.

Good day for spotting mushrooms.

The top photo is something I don’t recall seeing before. Looks like it could be Cortinarius californicus. The second photo is a type of honey mushroom, I believe. Could be completely wrong on both counts, mushroom identification is very tricky so I never assume I’ve properly identified anything.

One of those rare occasions where an album demands you stop doing everything else and listen to it all the way through.

🌱 Christmas harvest.

Crepe myrtle.

2021 - Creative Accomplishments

Most of my work this year was internal and not fully expressed in this list. I find that (especially now) it can be tough to realize just how far one has come in a year. I know I will never be as productive as I hope to be, but the idea of making a list of accomplishments seemed like a helpful way to remind myself that I have done a lot, even if I don’t have stacks of artwork to show for it.

Brian Eno on NFTs & Automaticism


This music video has been haunting me for days.

Could be because I just finished rereading: The Tombs of Atuan (2) (Earthsea Cycle) by Ursula K. Le Guin πŸ“š

Link - Intro to Anticapitalism for Artists


INTRO TO ANTICAPITALISM FOR ARTISTS is a mixed-media course designed to create a space for artists to engage with a radical class education in the service of enriching their lives as both artists and revolutionaries.

Each cohort comprises roughly 8-10 artists and one facilitator who will meet weekly over the course of nine weeks to discuss text and video assignments. An eclectic combination of essays, articles, speeches, lectures, books, and film will require about 5 hours of preparation prior to meeting, and meetings themselves will last 2 hours. Sessions will be donation-based, and all materials will be provided.

The course is designed for artists who desire β€” but do not yet possess β€” a grasp of formal anticapitalism (i.e., the who, what, and why of it all).

Sign-ups are open until Wednesday (12/15).

-More Info

Sounds like an interesting program.

Seeing things like this is a nice bit of hope. Especially when most days you can’t throw a rock without hitting fifty people talking about NFTs and other destructive garbage.


First attempt and making bunny treats was a success!

Photo of a hand holding a clear glass jar. Inside the jar are small spherical baked treats made out of hay and carrots.


Well it is that time.


Industrial Music for Industrial People: The History and Development of an Underground Genre by Bret D. Woods

A photo of a yellow record shelf with records on it. A black rabbit is trying to climb into shelf next to the records, her tail end facing the viewer.

“Beer Stained Pulp: A collection of ‘nicely designed’ old beer mats from Britain’s pubs”

Oh these are real nice. Going to have to spend some serious time looking through this collection online.

A photo of an open book laying flat. The book features photographs of British beer mats/coasters.

Finished reading: The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food: Step-by-Step Vegetable Gardening for Everyone by Joseph Tychonievich πŸ“š

This was a good read. Lots of information, but instead of being overwhelming, it is fun and easy to understand. Great for people who are brand new to gardening or people like me who think they have an idea but missed some key points along the way. For example, I learned that my seedlings are growing so slowly because I should have thinned them out sooner.

Unintentional theme for this library trip.

I was recently thrown into a teaching position.

It is just one class once a week, but it has consumed my brain entirely. My mind is constantly planning out what to say, revisiting moments I froze up or left something out that was important, trying to improve upon my mistakes. I cannot handle any attention. When put on the spot I get flustered and my mind goes blank. I know this will improve in time, but I don’t want my problem to inhibit their learning. To compensate for this I have been spending at least two hours thoroughly examining each of their projects, giving them detailed feedback, information on the tools, and ways they can improve. I hope it helps.

In January, I have to start training for a CTE credential. Adobe Education Exchange has lots of free courses for instructors in all disciplines. So I plan on going through as many of those as possible. Been reading through old textbooks as well and reading up on classroom management and the like. It is a lot. I am trying to do the best job I can. I just don’t want to let anyone down.

Making a real effort to grow as much as I can from seed. A bit late in the season but the babies are getting big! Using actual seed starter soil was a huge help.

Close up photo of a flat of seedlings. Baby lettuces are in the foreground with kale and broccoli in the background.

Link - Op-ed Every Design Studio Should Be a Worker-Owned Studio


Across the advertising, architecture, and graphic design fields, you can find a similarly inverted relationship between the executive class, who hold the decision-making power, and the young, hungry underlings who execute much of the labor. In this system, design firms work toward signing the largest clients possible, make enormous profits on their work, and then pay their designers as little as they can get away with. Though this business model is still heavily entrenched within the status quo, we’re presenting an alternative to all designers who are increasingly aware of the precarity and exploitation they face: Consider joining a co-op or transitioning your studio to a cooperative model.

Read More

A good little piece with a nice list of co-op/other studios. Article also links to this spreadsheet which was created to encourage salary transparency.


First attempt at visible mending. Still have one more knee and the butt to do. Tried to keep it pretty simple. I still don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to sewing, but slowly learning.

I think I pulled the thread too tighy because of all the puckering. It looks fine when they are on though.

The instructions I followed did not say to fold the edges of the patch, so I didn’t. Kind of concerned about fraying though. Will try folding with the other knee and see how that goes.

A close up of a pair of faded black jeans. Both knees have holes. The knee on the right has an interior patch with lots of rows of stitching.

Currently Reading: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron πŸ“š

For a while now I’ve been feeling blocked and creatively empty to the point where I have trouble figuring out what to even make for dinner. Still able to work, somehow, but I feel like what I am making isn’t as good as it could be. Going to give this book a real try to see if it does live up to the hype. Made an attempt years ago but didn’t have the time (two full-time jobs + grad school) to devote to it. The practice of writing morning pages was so incredibly helpful, it gives me hope for the rest of it.