June 21 - Injure self. (Wait to see if it will heal on its own, it doesnt.)

Sept 21 - Call GP to make an appointment.

Oct 21 - Appointment with doctor, xrays, ultrasound, put in referral for physical therapy.

Nov 21 - Physical therapy referral is approved, but the office they told me to go to has closed.

Dec 21 - Another appointment with GP to put in new referral.

Jan 22 - Referral comes in the mail. Make appointment with physical therapist.

March 22- Have physical therapy appointment. There are actually four things wrong and I need to come in once a week. Referral was only for one visit. Call GP to make new appointment to get another referral.

April 22 - Appointment scheduled with another GP in the same office. My GP is booked up until summer.

I’m lucky that I have a weird work schedule, my own car, and while I am hurting it could be much worse. Whenever I have to deal with a situation like this it is infuriating to think how while this is frustrating to me it would be way more difficult for someone who wasn’t able to get around easily, take time off of work, was in worse pain, etc.

It is also infuriating that every time I bring up things like this to people the response is always, “you need to get better insurance.” While there is a chance getting “better” (more expensive) insurance might help my situation it doesn’t change the fact that this system is completely awful. Also I don’t share things like this with people because I want advice. I share it because people don’t seem to realize just how hard it is to be poor.