Link - Intro to Anticapitalism for Artists


INTRO TO ANTICAPITALISM FOR ARTISTS is a mixed-media course designed to create a space for artists to engage with a radical class education in the service of enriching their lives as both artists and revolutionaries.

Each cohort comprises roughly 8-10 artists and one facilitator who will meet weekly over the course of nine weeks to discuss text and video assignments. An eclectic combination of essays, articles, speeches, lectures, books, and film will require about 5 hours of preparation prior to meeting, and meetings themselves will last 2 hours. Sessions will be donation-based, and all materials will be provided.

The course is designed for artists who desire — but do not yet possess — a grasp of formal anticapitalism (i.e., the who, what, and why of it all).

Sign-ups are open until Wednesday (12/15).

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Sounds like an interesting program.

Seeing things like this is a nice bit of hope. Especially when most days you can’t throw a rock without hitting fifty people talking about NFTs and other destructive garbage.