I was recently thrown into a teaching position.

It is just one class once a week, but it has consumed my brain entirely. My mind is constantly planning out what to say, revisiting moments I froze up or left something out that was important, trying to improve upon my mistakes. I cannot handle any attention. When put on the spot I get flustered and my mind goes blank. I know this will improve in time, but I don’t want my problem to inhibit their learning. To compensate for this I have been spending at least two hours thoroughly examining each of their projects, giving them detailed feedback, information on the tools, and ways they can improve. I hope it helps.

In January, I have to start training for a CTE credential. Adobe Education Exchange has lots of free courses for instructors in all disciplines. So I plan on going through as many of those as possible. Been reading through old textbooks as well and reading up on classroom management and the like. It is a lot. I am trying to do the best job I can. I just don’t want to let anyone down.