If I read another interview about a designer that follows the format of “By the time I graduated [expensive school] I already had three unpaid internships / 5 connections at my dream company,” I’m going to scream.

I want to hear more stories about the people who had to work full time while going to school. People who were self-taught, actually self-taught, not “my high paying job wasn’t fulfilling so I took a few months off to take a Yale extension program and now I’m a Creative Director.” People who had no idea how to navigate the professional world because they didn’t have connections/parental examples, who struggled, who were late bloomers, people who actually had to figure it all out and somehow didn’t give up even though they wanted to. Stories from people who are still struggling to figure it out. I also want to hear about the people who did give up because this whole system is rotten and designed to make sure they don’t advance past working some dead-end minimum wage job.

When I say this I am not looking for those “inspirational” stories. Stories of how all you have to do is “hustle” and only sleep 3 hours a night. Nothing but capitalist marketing to make people feel like not working hard enough is the only reason why they haven’t “made it.”