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Sometimes I feel extremely alone in my desire to only want to work for organizations I believe in. I don’t want to contribute to mass consumption, don’t want to work just make more garbage. I do my best to be hyper-conscious of everything I put out to make sure it is sending the right macro and micro messages. In the end I always just feel like Lisa Simpson with her gazpacho.

Sometimes it is all too much and it gets very frustrating fighting the current. But every time I see someone talking about things like social responsibility and sustainability, it gets a little easier.

>When we, as designers and service providers choose to sign on a client, product or service, we are consciously, or not, supporting their ideas and what they stand for. To whom we choose to say no to, is a political act. When we see hundreds of thousands of work which may be either in copywriting, illustration, development, consultation, any particular service which helps in voicing and communicating certain ideologies which are not in alignment with our values, we are supporting the notion to their agenda further. There are a lot of things to factor in of course from the service provider point of view, but the most important thing is to do it consciously too. And work towards positioning the clients you work with, to your own values and principles. And it is not about saying no, but even inviting the clients you already have and offer consultation in shifting their strategy into a more responsible and sustainable way. It is a strict endeavour to apply, yet if we choose to leverage our collective power, it is the biggest civic act we can work towards together. Together we can influence the market towards a more responsible position within our society and communities. Community over competition.

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