Link - Food Tech Guide: UX Research for Plants, People and our Planet


>This guide was created to connect the dots across digital products in the food world while planting the seed of change and empathy to collaborate across systems to succeed in designing the future of food, together.

As we move through this pandemic, one thing is for sure, more people than ever are engaged in our food system. They are interested in starting in self-sufficiency with initiatives like starting their garden at home, in their communities or even in the medians of the road. Wanting to learn about healthy nutrition and zero waste practices to minimize impact, and ultimately achieve a gorilla closed-loop system that starts at home.

At last, we ask ourselves, and you the reader: How can we continue to educate current and future generations about where our foods come from to better design a food system for everyone?

Like the organization Eat Just states: Fostering a view of a healthy planet starts with our most important choice: what we eat every day. More than anything else, this decision matters most.

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