Compost Day!

(Photo was from a previous trip. Today the sky was not cloudy at all and was way too hot for February.)

One of the many things to love about this city is we have a community compost bin. Which I found it through La Compost.

It is easy to think that composting is just a thing that gardeners do, but the reality of it is everyone should be doing it. It helps create nutrient-rich soil and reduce greenhouse gasses. Green waste that ends up in landfills creates methane. Lots and lots of methane.

“Municipal solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, accounting for approximately 14.1 percent of these emissions in 2017.” (USDA)

So communal composts are extremely important, especially since not everyone can (or wants to) have a compost bin.

We don’t have a ton of food waste. It all either goes to soup stock or rabbit food. Citrus peels also are turned into all-purpose cleaner before disposal or they become citrus powder. If a scrap can be regrown I do that. Still, every once in a while something goes bad or the scrap isn’t useful so it ends up in the tub under the sink. Then about every two weeks, we take it to the compost.

This bin is maintained by members of the community garden. The group here is wonderful because they leave several plots open to the public totake produce they need. It is nice to see more garden spaces trying to create change and help others instead of just locking people out.