It is World Goth Day!
Did something a little different this year and made a death rock playlist.
The 2021 playlist was more of a mix.

Came home to a nice surprise.

Link - Every Brand Is a Climate Brand These Days, and That’s Terrible For the Environment

At the end of the day, any climate information produced under capitalism has little interest in upsetting the civic and political order that today serves it so well, rising seas or not. “By saturating traditional media outlets and social media platforms with new claims about sustainability, popular brands risk creating and perpetuating the impression that we can buy our way out of the problem,” says Charlie Cray, senior strategist at Greenpeace USA. “In short, marketing sustainability carries the risk of fostering cultural complacency and cynicism about civic participation and new discourses of climate delay.”

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Finished Reading: The Invasion (Animorphs Book 1) by K.A. Applegate 📚

Taking some time to visit a few old friends. 💚

Four-leaf wood sorrel on my last day of teaching this semester.

A close up shot of wood sorrel with four green heart-shaped leaves starting at the same center point.

Assigned my students the task of drawing nice robots.
9 are helping people
3 are helping animals
2 are helping plants
1 is cleaning the air

It is just interesting to see what their priorities are.
Initially, almost all of them wanted to make robots to comfort someone when they are sad/lonely, but only two stuck with it.

Personal favorite: the robot that cuts dolphins free from nets and can provide emergency medical care.

Well after more waiting and many phone calls. I was finally approved for 8 visits to a physical therapist.

The earliest they can see me is June.
Almost a year to the day of the original injury.
Lots of different emotions today.

Picked up Home Time: Book One by Campbell Whyte 📚 from the library on a whim. Whyte changes the art style depending on which character a section is focusing on, which is a nice touch.

The story is fun, but the best parts are all these explainers.

Both Erreth-Akbe and Fogweaver released albums recently based on The Tombs of Atuan (2) (Earthsea Cycle) by Ursula K. Le Guin. 📚
It is pretty cool to see the different ways artists approach the same subject, especially in this case where they are both working within the same music genre. Erreth-Akbe’s album feels like an external journey while Fogweaver’s is more internal.

Trying something a little different this year. Have seven tomato plants started (6 Black Krim and 1 Zapotec). Between the community garden plot and the patio, it should work out. I’ve never actually eaten either of these and usually only grow one tomato plant (typically some type of grape tomato).

Decided to go for it and see what happens. My main goal is to grow enough to have plenty to give away to friends/neighbors/community fridges.

Fingers crossed!

Top down close up shot of tomato seedling in soil.

June 21 - Injure self. (Wait to see if it will heal on its own, it doesnt.)

Sept 21 - Call GP to make an appointment.

Oct 21 - Appointment with doctor, xrays, ultrasound, put in referral for physical therapy.

Nov 21 - Physical therapy referral is approved, but the office they told me to go to has closed.

Dec 21 - Another appointment with GP to put in new referral.

Jan 22 - Referral comes in the mail. Make appointment with physical therapist.

March 22- Have physical therapy appointment. There are actually four things wrong and I need to come in once a week. Referral was only for one visit. Call GP to make new appointment to get another referral.

April 22 - Appointment scheduled with another GP in the same office. My GP is booked up until summer.

I’m lucky that I have a weird work schedule, my own car, and while I am hurting it could be much worse. Whenever I have to deal with a situation like this it is infuriating to think how while this is frustrating to me it would be way more difficult for someone who wasn’t able to get around easily, take time off of work, was in worse pain, etc.

It is also infuriating that every time I bring up things like this to people the response is always, “you need to get better insurance.” While there is a chance getting “better” (more expensive) insurance might help my situation it doesn’t change the fact that this system is completely awful. Also I don’t share things like this with people because I want advice. I share it because people don’t seem to realize just how hard it is to be poor.

Finally picked up a tiny loom for mending. First attempt is sloppy, but going okay. The whole process is much faster and more calming than I expected.

After weeks of hunting we found a small backyard operation that had a just a couple golden currants left.

Been converting our front patio to natives and this was the last one we needed. Also planted white yarrow, white sage, and conejo buckwheat.

Fingers crossed.

Finished Reading: H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald 📚

It is always strange how certain books will just keep popping up for years and when you finally get around to reading them it is at the exact time you need it most.

Here we go!

Was given my second hand-made ring from a student today (the mushroom ring on the left).

These kids kill me.
Can’t wait to bawl my eyes out at the end of the semester.

On repeat.


Today’s mushroom.

Photo of a brown mushroom. It is far along in it's lifecycle as the cap has flattened out and is starting to curl back to expose the gills underneath. Part of an old tree stump is in the background out of focus with some greenery throughout.

Been a minute since I’ve been able to actually spend time on a flyer.
Usually, my turnaround time has to be <3 hours because we are so swamped.